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Explore unique wildlife.

Wildlife is most abundant. Humpback, Orca (Killer) and Minke whales performing only a hundred yard away and at times approaching and completely surrounding you as we drift among them. Black and grizzly bears meander along the beaches and can be viewed up close, sometimes while fishing for salmon or halibut! Eagles, sea otters, harbor seals and sea lions are increasingly abundant as are millions of sea birds including Terns, Puffins, Guillemots, and Murrelets.

Experience Whales and Orcas

Humpback whales are a sure thing on every trip! See them breaching, diving and bubble netting. At times we will be completely surrounded by a group of orcas (killer whales) who seem to completely ignore us as they aggressively feed on a school of salmon.

See Bears

Grizzly Bears are one of the highlights of our Alaska yacht charter. They can often be found fishing at the bottom of the waterfall where we can cautiously observe their fishing skills first hand while the captain keeps the engine running!

Spot Eagles

Especially at low tide, lots of eagles can be spotted. Usually they sit in the top of the trees, on the lookout for their prey, but once in a while, you can catch them in action when grabbing a fish out of the water.

Catch your own dinner.

Leisure fishing aboard the Midnight Sun provides copious quantities of silver salmon, king salmon, halibut, rock fish, delicious Dungeness crab or huge prawns. Fresh from line to the galley, prepared to your taste. It’s out of this world! Fishing licenses, professional fishing gear, bait and lures along with crabbing gear are provided. Fish for a fresh Alaska meal right off the Midnight SUN!

In case you’re either a successful fisher or a light eater, you can take your catch home with you! We are happy to vacuum seal and freeze the filets for you. If you’re not going home directly after your stay on the Midnight SUN, we can also FedEx the fish to you!

Get some Alaskan exercise.


Combine exploring the wild with a little exercise by taking out a kayak! Paddling quietly, you will be able to approach wildlife easily without scaring them off. The Midnight SUN always carries two single kayaks and can bring two more singles and a double at the guest’s request.


The Midnight SUN offers many options to hike and explore the beaches and forest. The crew can take you ashore and pick you up wherever you like. Your captain is an experienced guide and knows a number of select locations where we can explore and see what makes a temperate rain forest unique.  He will enlighten you with all kinds of stories and facts about the flora and fauna around you!

See Alaska up-close.

The Midnight SUN has stable dinghies for guest use with or without a crew operator. We carry a 14-foot Battelli RIB with 40 HP electric start, center console steering, radio, GPS, chart plotter and depth sounder for fishing. We also have a 12-foot Alaskan inflatable with 15HP outboard for easy and quiet beach access.

Dock and dingy access is especially easy with a recessed staircase built into the stern and a large stern platform which is about 9 inches above the water. Dinghies for wildlife viewing, fishing, and exploring and can be lowered and readied in minutes.

Get the big picture. From a plane.

You can even take a flight-seeing trip from a float plane that arrives and departs from the stern of the yacht! Pick one of the many float plane charter companies and we’ll make sure they will know where to go.

With the Midnight SUN, every cruise is customized by the captain to your match your priorities and  interests.

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