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The freshest seafood you'll ever have. Cooked to perfection.
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A True Dining Experience.

Delicious gourmet meals and fabulous appetizers, many featuring Alaska’s fresh caught delicacies, are prepared with elegance and style. Luscious seafood, beef, lamb and poultry dishes offer a dining experience worthy of some of the worlds great restaurants. Enjoy fresh-baked breads, pastries and a variety of delightful desserts, teas, fresh-ground coffee and espresso are always available.

Meals are served elegantly from the main deck galley with a continuous variety of table linens and china. We feature specially selected domestic as well as imported wines and an open bar with mini-fridge and icemaker. Your favorite soft drinks, mixers and beer will be stocked aboard as you request.

Your preferences.

Prior to your charter, you’ll receive a food and drink preference questionnaire. You also are welcome to call Captain Bob personally to discuss meal planning, allergies and health issues. Our master Chef is an expert in preparing delicious low-fat meals on request, which can include quiche, roast turkey and fabulous low-fat desserts. Need to celebrate something or someone special while on board? Surprise celebrations for special events in your life is our favorite thing to do.

See our Sample Menu

Alaska King, Red and Silver Salmon

Enjoy the best fresh salmon expertly grilled on the upper deck BBQ. As your cruise progresses your fresh caught salmon, halibut and rockfish will be prepared for you by our master Chef.

Catch your own Crab

Crab pots are set out in selected areas and pulled in by guests with assistance from the crew. A ceremony dedicated to these feisty critters is carefully conducted before your chef places them into the boiling pot. Once cooked, the crabs are then chilled and prepared for the feast — crab omelets, crab quiche and a tasty hot crab dip are additional chef favorites to prepare.

Personal Preferences

Of course vegan or vegetarian menus are available and prepared at your request. Also, our Chef will take into account any intolerances or allergies.

Contact Us

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