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Enjoy the sunny and crisp days in Alaska.
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The web site www.rssweather.com/climate/Alaska/Juneau/ has some neat graphs of the typical weather you can expect in Juneau.As you will see, for most of our guests, the weather will be cool compared to home.Temperatures can vary substantially between cool, overcast mornings and sunny afternoons.When we are anchored in a secluded cove and sheltered from the wind, the temperature can be very nice, only to cool substantially when we enter one of the main channels and are exposed to the breeze.Southeast Alaska is a temperate rain forest, which means it rains regularly and almost every trip experiences at least some rain.Up close to the glaciers the temperature can be as much as 10 degrees colder than the prevailing temperature and the breeze coming down from the ice can be very cold.Gloves and a hat or cap are recommended if a visit to the glaciers is part of your trip.

June, July and August are usually the warmest months. Average temperatures are 65 – 70 degree daily highs and 50 degree lows. May is also a great month to travel, while the temperature is a bit cooler, the chance of rain is less than at any other time. May and early June have the best chance for sunny days and the winter snow-pack is still deep on all the mountaintops. The waterfalls are at their most gorgeous at this time of year and the yachts cruising up from down south are not yet here! Mild weather and calm seas prevail in the protected waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage.

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