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Your Adventure

You’ll share a real Alaska adventure, exclusively with your own family and friends. Your captain is your personal guide. Destinations and activities are reviewed daily assuring you a vacation set to your pace and interests. There are no schedules, bus tours, reservations or waiting in line. This is a truly relaxing vacation with as much or as little activity as you desire. There is no reason to dress up; sport and lounging attire is the norm.

Day 1

Board about 11:00 AM and leave about noon to travel to Pavlof Harbor for the night. As we go by, we look for whales which are often seen off Shelter Island or Pt. Augusta. In the evening anchor off the waterfall, maybe set out a crab pot or two and look for grizzlies on the beach or fishing below the falls.

Day 2

Move on down Chatham Straights to Takatz Bay with a stop to explore Basket Bay along the way. Look for some halibut inside South Passage Point and then stop at Morris Reef to troll for salmon. Drop a string of shrimp pots at one of the captain’s secret spots along the way. End the day in Takatz Bay for a beautiful, quiet anchorage for the night.

Day 3

Have a leisurely morning and explore the bay with our kayaks. Leave by late morning, pick up our pots, and head for Warm Springs Bay. At Warm Springs, look for a spot on the small dock or anchor up in one of the isolated coves in the bay and hike up to the lake and the waterfall and have a great soak in the hot tubs or pools. By mid afternoon head for the peace and isolation of Red Bluff Bay. Explore the great waterfalls in Red Bluff & drop some more shrimp pots. Possibly explore the creek and keep a sharp lookout for bears in the creek and the meadows.

Day 4

Travel to one of our favorite, isolated bays in western Frederick Sound. Depending on the weather, we might try trolling for some salmon off Kingsmill Pt. along the way. Look for whales bubble netting. Check out the Sea Otter colony in Security Bay. Tonight our anchorage will be very sheltered and a good time to kayak or take the tenders to explore the shoreline.

Day 5

Leave fairly early and travel through Frederick Sound and Stevens Passage to Ice­berg Cove via the Brothers and possibly a short stop on one of the entrance Islands in Pybus Bay. Look for whales and sea lions. Today we might try for some halibut on one of the sea mounds along the way.

Day 6

Explore Tracy Arm or Endicott, depending on prevailing winds and ice conditions. Visit glaciers and look for seals and mountain goats. End up for the evening in Taku Harbor. This will be a long day of travel to explore all the sights.

Day 7

Enjoy a liesurly morning brunch as we travel to Juneau arriving about noon, in time for the afternoon jet to Seattle.

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